Upcoming Events

10/20/2017 - Fall Short Course | Dr. Timothy Stark, University of Illinois-Champaign, and Dr. Farshid Vahedifard, Mississippi State University | Stability of Natural and Man-Made Slopes: Shear Strengths, Testing, Stability Methods, and Stabilization | ODOT Region 1 Headquarters, Portland, OR



10/5/2017 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Dr. George Filz, Virginia Tech | Topic: Geotechnical Engineering at the Kennedy Space Center | 4:30 pm Kearney Hall, RM 311, Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, OR

10/4/2017 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. George Filz, Virginia Tech | Topic: Column-supported Embankments | Portland, OR

Recent Past Events

9/6/2017 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. D.V. Griffiths, PE, CEng, D.Sc, FICE, D.GE, F.ASCE, Professor, Colorado School of Mines | Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering | Portland, OR

5/23/2017 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Dr. David Frost, PE, F.ASCE, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology | The Evolving Role of Materials in Infrastructure Engineering | Corvallis, OR

5/17/2017 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | James Walters, PE and Stephen McLandrich, PE, Shannon & Wilson | Geotechnical Aspect of the Burnside Bridge Retrofit Study | Corvallis, OR

5/16/2017 - Joint ASCE Oregon - Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Steve Klein, GE, PE, Parsons Brinckerhoff | California High-Speed Rail - Design Considerations for Tunnel Sections | Portland, OR

4/21-22/2017 - Spring Short Course and 34th Annual Spring Seminar | Ground Improvement | Seattle, WA

4/18/2017 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Dr. Matthew Gibson, PE, Shannon & Wilson | Seismic Analysis of Rock Slopes: Failure Modes and Displacements | Corvallis, OR

4/5/2017 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. Marv Pyles, PE, Prof. Emeritus, Oregon State Univ. and Dr. Gunnar Schlieder, RG, CEG, Geoscience, Inc.  | The Oso Landslide: Technical and Legal Issues | Portland, OR

3/23/2017 - Stanley D. Wilson Memorial Lecture | Dr. Steve Kramer, Professor, Univ. of Washington | Time and Soil Liquefaction | Seattle, WA

3/16/2017 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Daniel Mageau, PE, SoilFreeze, Inc. | Innovative Earth Retention: Frozen Soil Shoring | Corvallis, OR

3/1/2017 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. Dov Leshchinsky, PE, ADAMA Engineering and Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Delaware| Limit Equilibrium Design Framework for MSE Structures with Extensible Reinforcement | Portland, OR

2/23/2017 - Portland State University Infrastructure Seminar Series | Ivan Wong, Lettis Consultants International | Predicting Earthquake Hazards and Developing Seismic Design Ground Motions in the Cascadia Subduction Zone: What We Know, Don't Know, and the Challenges Ahead | Portland, OR

2/1/2017 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. Kirk Ellison, PE, ARUP | Structure-Soil-Structure-Interaction in a Highly Seismic, Dense, Urban Regeneration Zone in Downtown San Francisco | Portland, OR

1/19/2017 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Dr. Deepak Rayamajhi, CH2M | Application of Numerical Methods to Evaluate Seismic Response of Soil-Structure-Interaction Systems | Corvallis, OR

1/17/2017 - Joint AEG - Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. Scott Anderson, PE, FHWA  | Solid as a Rock: How Engineering Geology Relates to Transportation Asset Management | Portland, OR

12/7/2016 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. T. Matthew Evans, Associate Prof., Oregon State Univ. | Bio-Cementation of Sands:  A Granular Perspective | Lake Oswego, OR

11/9/2016 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Scott Anderson, PE, FHWA | Natural Hazards, Risk, and the Resilience of Transportation Infrastructure | Corvallis, OR

11/3/2016 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Frank Pita, PE, GE, F.ASCE, Frank W. Pita Consulting, LLC | An Introduction to Geotechnical Railroad Track Bed Stabilization Engineering using a Multi-Year Case Study | Corvallis, OR

11/2/2016 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. Arash Khosravifar, Assistant Prof., Portland State Univ. | Effects of Long-Duration Motions on Inelastic Demands of Bridge Pile Foundations Subjected to Combined Inertia and Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading | Lake Oswego, OR

10/21/2016 - Short Course | Dimitrios Konstantakos, PE, Deep Excavation, LLC | Deep Excavations | Portland, OR

10/13-15/2016 - Conference | GBA Fall Conference | Seattle, WA

10/6/2016 - OSU Geotechnical Lecture Series | Dr. Tom O'Rourke, PE, Professor, Cornell Univ. | Terzaghi Lecture: Ground Deformation Effects on Subsurface Pipelines and Infrastructure Systems | Corvallis, OR

10/5/2016 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Richard Smith, PE, McMillen Jacobs Associates | Client-Focused Contract Negotiations | Lake Oswego, OR

9/29/2016 - Oregon Geo-Institute Chapter | Dr. John McCartney, PE, Associate Prof., Univ. of California, San Diego | Seismic Response of MSE Bridge Abutments | Portland, OR

9/7/2016 - Oregon Geotechnical Group Dinner Meeting | Dr. Sri Rajah, PE, GE, F.ASCE, CDM Smith | Nexus of Pipeline Design and Geotechnical Engineering | Lake Oswego, OR